VIP Player Schemes

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A VIP scheme is something that operators put in place to make sure that players remain loyal to their site. With so many different options out there in the online bingo world, it’s important that users are rewarded if they remain loyal or else essentially they could just go elsewhere. Normally (not on all sites) you are entered into their scheme automatically, and will earn rewards the higher up the ladder you go and will be treated like a star!

Why are they Important?

They are important to players as it shows them that they are valued. Some added perks for their loyalty is a great way of saying thank you for their continued support. By having that loyal following it also makes a great online community, which is definitely something that is important to bingo players these days. We all like to have a natter to some of our bingo buddies on a regular basis as well as welcoming new ones. It’s all about building relationships with brands.

It’s also something that players will look out for when looking to join a bingo brand. They want to make sure that as well as good bonuses, promotions and games that there are is a good online community and a system that will reward them for playing there.

What Players are Looking for?

Players look for a number of things in a VIP scheme. First of all, they will be looking at how many levels there are to work their way up and if it’s based solely on cash deposits. The way the program is tiered can affect the players choice whether to join or not. On some sites, you can only be a VIP via invitation or else you can email to apply.

They will also look out for the perks involved. They may want to partake in the likes of cash back, special bonuses and birthday gifts, dedicated account management, as well as on occasion exclusive promotions.

Example of a Good VIP Scheme

Bingo Hollywood is a perfect example of a site that has a good VIP scheme. As soon as you join you are a member they will automatically make you a VIP member and there are 5 different levels: Cubic Star, Sapphire Star, Emerald Star, Ruby Star and then Diamond Star. This scheme is based on the amount you have deposited on the site and is made clearly visible in their “loyalty” page.

They also have a clear table to let you know what you will be able to take advantage of once you progress through the levels. This includes incentive deposit bonuses, more free bingo, cash back bonuses, priority access to VIP games, birthday gifts, holiday bonuses, prize rooms and a lot more. The transparency of this VIP scheme is what makes it an attractive prospect.

Our Conclusion

Now you know everything you need to about VIP schemes, we are sure you will want to make the most of them! Bingo Hollywood would definitely be a good place to start.

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