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So what is Ukash?

Essentially it works the same way as a gift card, you put the money on the card and then spend it how you see fit, only you’re not stuck to set amounts as the lowest amount of money you can put on a voucher is £5 and the highest is £500.

Ukash is not on sale any longer so you can’t buy these vouchers in store or online, you can still use the ones you have until the 31st of October but after this date they will be worthless. Players still get added protection and other advantages when they use their previously purchased vouchers, they just can’t get any more.

The successor to Ukash is the Paysafecard, which is another voucher based scheme that works in much the same way. There are not too many differences between the two and this is ideal for players who have become comfortable with these vouchers.

Why Use Ukash

So why use Ukash?

When it comes to using Ukash, there are a few positive and negative aspects of it; below is just a small selection of those.


The positive side of Ukash vouchers is that they’re incredibly secure as each singular voucher contains a unique nineteen digit code, plus it’s fairly easy to get vouchers replaced should you accidently lose them.

Also should you have any spare vouchers sitting around, you can combine all these odd amounts onto one voucher to make a large lump sum.

Finally there’s the fact that buying a Ukash voucher means that you’re stuck to a limit of how much you can spend so there’s no chance of you going over budget when you’re gambling as only you control how much you spend.


The only downside of using Ukash is that it’s relatively easy to lose the vouchers as they can be easily misplaced or stolen. But if you’re not quick enough to have a replacement sent out you could lose all the money that was on them.


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How to Pick Where to Play

There are a ton of places and apps to use to play Mobile bingo with Ukash as your chosen method of payment. But how do you decide where the best website to get yourself some unique Ukash bingo bonuses is? First you have to consider a few factors, such as what types of payment methods are used, does it accept Ukash for example.

Or can you use alternate payment options such as Paysafecard, PayPal, Neteller or credit and debit cards since these tend to be the backup choices for making online payments. Next you have to consider the bonuses available, most sites tend to have a fairly generous sign up bonus like a 900% gradual bonus or 200% bonus on top of your first deposit.

Finally there’s compatibility, for gamers on the go who use smart devices to access their gambling sites of choice it’s all about being able to access your favourite websites anywhere and at any time.

With websites compatibility is key, does a site require you to use their URL in your device or do they have an app?

Websites That Use Ukash

There is a near infinite number of Bingo sites that take Ukash as a legitimate form of payment, so we decided to show a small selection of what we think are the best ones to use. You can use these vouchers on these sites until the expiry date, so get playing soon and use up the cash on them.

Bingo Hollywood:

Bingo Hollywood has a brilliant 300% Welcome Bonus on your first deposit. So say you were to put the minimum of £5 or more into your account, you would then gain £15 on top of that, netting you a generous £20 to play around with.

Bright Bingo:

Bright Bingo’s bonus is rather interesting, although there no specific welcome bonuses, instead depositing £5 will get you £25; it’s still a nice welcome gift to the website.

Glossy Bingo:

Saving the best for last, Glossy Bingo has a 400% Welcome Bonus on top of your initial deposit of £10 or more. So put £10 in and you’ll get £40 tacked onto that, landing you £50 to use.


In summary, Ukash is a relatively secure and easy method of making online payments, it may not have the security of PayPal or other online options, but at least there’s the safety of knowing that no one can take your money unless they physically steal your voucher from you.

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