Sizzling Slot Tourneys at Bingo Hollywood

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If you want a free spin on a slot while battling it out with your fellow players then the slot tournaments at Bingo Hollywood will be right up your alley. These nightly competitions are totally free to enter and it’s up to you if you want to spend more to get your chances of winning on the rise.

How to Play

Each night between 6pm and 10pm all funded players are invited to the slots tourney. You access it from the bingo lobby and you’ll be granted entry into the slot of the evening. These change from time to time to keep things thrilling and might even help you find your new go to slot game.

The rounds last 1 minute each and the first is free, you’ll spin the slot and try to get the biggest collective win in one go. The three players that do the best will find themselves with a cash prize and all the other players can pay for another entry all night long.

The Prizes

The top three players will all be awarded with a prize for their efforts in the Bingo Hollywood slots tourney. The first place winner of the evening will get £50, second place will win £30 and third place prize is £20.

Ticket Prices

If that one round isn’t enough for you then you can purchase up to 10 more rounds per night. These ones come at a cost of 50p per round but offer loads of excitement and the chance to win big.

You can also restart a round that isn’t going so well for 30p, and this comes in handy when you can see you aren’t getting anywhere in a game. Instead of paying the full price for another game just cut it off and start again for a reduced fee.

The Strategy

There are a few different ways you can try and win in this nightly game and get a prize in your account. The first is to play as often as possible, even if it is just by logging on each night to get your free game. This will help you become accustomed to the game and have you feeling like a pro player after just a few nights. You can pay more for the extra games too, and these will also help you become more experienced with different playing strategies.

Don’t be afraid to restart your round if it’s going badly, as it’s cheaper to start a game again than start a new one. This strategy of cutting your loses to start the game again can go well but you’ll begin to see which games work and which games don’t when you play more often.

Lastly try and suss out the times that you’re most successful as these should be your times to get online. These will probably be when less players are in the room, so pick your times wisely to get the most for your money.

Welcome Offer

If you want to try your luck on this free tourney then you can do so by joining up with Bingo Hollywood, where every player is a VIP. They’ll take your first deposit of £5 – £100 and give you a whopping 300% bonus on top of it. When you play you’ll also collect loyalty points to pop into your account and keep for those rainy days for free games. You’ll also get a reload bonus every time you deposit up to a max of 100%, the more you deposit the better the bonus is and these will give you twice as many entries into the tourney.

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