Networked vs Unique Promos

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When it comes to online bingo promos, we all have a few opinions on the subject. We all look for different things. Some of us love free spins, some of us love bonus credit. However, whether or not a promo is networked often comes into the equation too. For some players, bingo network promos are a sign of authenticity. Whilst for others, they can become boring and competitive. We’ve decided to take a look at the different types of promos you can come across and highlight the perks and downfalls of each. Armed with this knowledge, you can go forth knowing what to expect from networked and unique promos.

What are network/ unique promos?

Many online bingo sites do not stand alone on the web. The vast majority of bingo sites are in fact part of a network. With some it may be very obvious, whilst others less so. The Joy of Bingo network and the 15 Network are two extremely well-known networks encompassing a range of top bingo sites. When we talk about network promos, we mean promotions that are not exclusive to one bingo site. They are run across all sites which are members of the network.

A unique promo then is a promotion which is specific to one site. This doesn’t mean to say that the site isn’t part of a network, it may well be. However, this particular promotion will not be run network-wide. It will be solely accessible to the member of a single site.

What are the advantages of a network-wide promo?

Often network promotions have huge jackpots. This is because the prize pool is split across several different sites. Therefore, a top prize can be vastly bigger than is likely to be found on a unique promo. There is also added security in a network promo. A common concern of many players is that a site may not be legitimate and therefore not pay out. When you play a large networked game, this becomes less of a concern. Networks are often more reliable and therefore, so are networked promos. Why not try Cheers Bingo or Luckycow Bingo for top network games?

What are the downsides of networked promos/games?

The main downside of a networked game is competition. If the game is broadcast across several different sites, the likelihood is that it will draw a vast amount of attention. Many players will flock to it, therefore, your competition grows.

The other main drawback is that sites which rely heavily on network promotions can become a bit boring. Part of the joy of exploring different sites is taking part in new games and promotions. If all sites offer the same thing, gaming can become dull. There is nothing worse than getting excited about a new site only to find it stocked with the same old, tired promos. Sites such as Bingo Hollywood or Wink Bingo are great at offering a wealth of stand-alone deals for players.

Networked and unique promos both have their own set of merits and drawbacks. It’s up to you as a player to decide what your preference is. Regardless of which type of promo you take on, always make sure to read terms and conditions in full before playing.

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