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If you’re a fan of high class high profit slots games then you should definitely try out Monopoly Slots, available both as a real cash game and as a free game across many online bingo websites. The monopoly brand is, of course, very well known as the popular family board game, and the online version offers even more exciting gameplay as well as the chance to make some huge profits if you opt to play with real as opposed to Monopoly Money.


The design of the game recreates the wealth and profit associated with the original board-game. At the start of the game, the player is invited to choose their playing piece – such as a car, a wheelbarrow or an iron, as they would in the board game. The playing piece stays at the edge of the board until the bonus round. Symbols in the game include piles of money, oranges, watermelons and the Monopoly Man bursting out of piles of cash – which he throws in the air when his symbol is part of a winning combination.


The rules of the game are very straight forward. The bet and line amounts are controlled using a panel running along the bottom of the screen. The maximum number of pay-lines available is nine, and the maximum bet per line is £5, meaning that the total maximum bet is £45. Whilst this may seem like a lot, remember that higher wagers mean bigger rewards.


Monopoly slots features a number of bonuses that players are sure to love. First off, there is the Instant Bonus symbol, which awards players with the Community Chest Instant Bonus when it appears on any position on the last three reels of the game. When this happens, click on the animated Instant Bonus and you will receive a bonus multiplier, which will multiply your bet giving you your final win!

Then there is the Pass “GO” bonus, which activates when the player gets three Bonus Dice symbols across any active pay-line. You must then select one of the three Dice symbols, and this will decide how many times you are able to roll the dice in the round. The player is then taken to a Monopoly Board, in which they must roll the dice in order to collect their bonus winnings.

Once on the Bonus Board, click “Roll” to roll the dice. The game piece will then move around the monopoly board. All players start with an award of 10, and each time the piece lands on a deed, a value attached to that deed is added to your award. When you pass go, the deed awards first double, then triple. Land on Chance, and you’ll get to advance a random number of spaces along the board. Land on Free Parking, and you will be awarded with a random value. Land actually ON Go for a 2x bonus multiplier, and if you end up in Jail you end up on a jail bonus where you have three chances to get a multiplier if you roll a double from three dies. The sooner you do this, the bigger your multiplier will be.


There are plenty of websites which offer Monopoly Slots free, giving you the chance to try out this fun filled game for free before having a go at the real thing. There are also a range of Monopoly Slots Android games available to buy on Google play, each with their own extra money spinning features. Have a go at Monopoly Slots today for exciting gameplay and great cash prizes. Good luck!

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