Irish Luck Jackpot Slots

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The Irish Luck Jackpot slot games is an absolute classic, it features fun bonuses and gameplay with a whimsical almost stereotypically Irish theme to it.

Its design is just gorgeous, even though it looks a tad old and basic; it still manages to carry off a retro charm which is incredibly appealing.

The games reels rather hilariously resemble a pun sign and once you combine this with the various iconic Irish symbols of a refreshing pint of Guinness, a Leprechaun and a few clovers dotted about, you quickly see how this game doesn’t take itself too seriously.

Its tongue-in-cheek approach to style is what really sells this slot game and makes it so popular amongst slot game fans.

Throw in a progressive jackpot and you’ve got a title that you’ve definitely got to try.


The rules for the Irish luck slots game are easy to follow, the game features five reels and 25 paylines to play across and players can alter the number of lines and the size of the wager they’re making per spin.

These amounts can be changed by using the up and down arrows within the ‘Change Bet’ and ‘Change Lines’ options. Wager here are paid out using the casino credit system, the exchange rate of which is 0.01pence for one credit so it’s a cheap game to play.

You have the option to spin the reels manually or you can use the ‘Auto Play’ function to have them run for a set number of turns, or until you activate one of the bonuses.

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Tips and Strategy’s

As far as strategy’s go for this game, you’re going to want to try and wager high to trigger the bonuses as these tend to occur more frequently at higher wager levels.

Plus the higher your wager the more likely you are to trigger one of the jackpots.

You might also want to try and use a website that lets you use Irish luck slots free, that way you can practice the game before investing any real cash into it.

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Another bonus is that because of Bingo Hollywood being a widely known brand, more people will play this game resulting in a larger progressive jackpot being up for grabs.

Other than that the games bonuses are still the same, the four leaf clover is a Wild and will substitute for all the other symbols on your winning combinations apart from the Scatter.

Prize Pick:

Speaking of Scatters, land three or more of the Leprechaun Scatters on the reels to activate the Prize Pick round.

This interesting bonus round involves you selecting three tree stumps on screen and behind each of these gnarled dead tree’s is a fairy or a leprechaun trying to hide. If you uncover a Leprechaun the green suited mischief makers will reward you with up to ten free spins of the games reels.

However, reveal a fairy and you will win a random multiplier of between 1x and a massive 100x.

You’re only given three picks in this game, but if you unlock it with more Leprechaun Scatters you’ll get more choices.

Match and Win:

The Fairy’s may not give the most flashiest of prizes, but if you land three or more of the Fairy Scatter symbols on the reels you’ll get to play the unique ‘Match and Win’ mini-game.

This round involves a series of four leaf clovers appearing on screen, your job is to try and find a matching symbol underneath them, if you can manage this you’ll win a random prize of up to 100 credits.


This wouldn’t be a jackpot game unless there were jackpots to win. This game has three up for grabs, the Mini, the Maxi and the Mega.

Each one is progressive so they’re constantly growing and to claim one of them all you have to do is bet the maximum and try to land all five Wilds on the reels to be rewarded with one, it’s as easy as that.

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