Forget the April Showers this Month at Bingo Hollywood

Bingo Hollywood - Click to Sign inForget the April Showers, its spring time @ Bingo Hollywood! Come have fun!

Despite what the weather reports may say it’s supposed to be spring and what better way to start welcoming the warm weather than by taking part in a fun spring themed promotion at Bingo Hollywood.

Running until the end of the month, this brilliant promotion from Bingo Hollywood could earn you and anyone else that takes part lots of great prizes.

What’s Going On?

From now until the 26th of April there’re going to be tons of exciting team bingo games taking place on the site every single week.

These exciting team bingo games will involve a leader board you will have to climb up to win fantastic rewards that are comprised of absolutely massive star point prizes. These rewards will go to the top five teams and the size of your reward is based on the position your team places in the event.

For example, if your team comes 4th you will win 200,000 star points split up amongst all your team members. Place 3rd and your reward will be 300,000 star points, whilst 2nd place lands you 500,000 star points to spend on the site.

Finally, the penultimate prize of 1,000,000 Bingo Hollywood star points will go to the team that manages to make their way to the top of the board.

How Do You Join In?

If you want to try your luck at picking up one of those prizes then all you need to do is head over to Bingo Hollywood and look for their April showers event. When you find it there should be an option to join in on the event, so it shouldn’t take you too long to get involved.

Once you join up you will be automatically placed on a team with other players and from then on you and your teammates will have to try and climb up a special leader board. To climb up the board you have to earn points and you do that by landing different types of bingo wins on your cards in each game.

For example, if you fill in one entire line you will be given three points, whilst completing two lines on your cards will net you five points for your team. Or, if you get lucky enough to complete a Full House you will land your team 10 points.

A unique feature of this competition is that the amount of points you earn is based on the room you play in. There are two involved in this competition and they are the One to Go Bingo room and the Red Carpet.

In the One to Go Bingo room you will pick up points in the way we mentioned above, however in the Red Carpet room you will land 10 points every time you have a win on your cards regardless of what kind of result it is.

The games that are left in this event are on Sunday the 19th in the Red Carpet room and the 26th of April in the One to Go Bingo room. Both of these games will be running from 7pm until 11pm, so gather up your team mates and play through as many of those bingo games as you can!

Terms and Conditions to Consider

The only rules of this competition are that you need to play at least 100 games of bingo and you must have made a deposit into your account within the last 30 days.

So as long as you meet those terms there’s nothing stopping you from jumping into this event and taking a shot at one of those massive star point prizes!

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