Fantasini Master of Mystery Slot Review

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Prepare yourself for the most magical and mystical performer in the whole country and watch illusionist, Fantasini, blow your mind as you take front row cover at this epic stage show. There aren’t many ways to describe this talent show, some superlatives aren’t even enough and soon players will realise just how interesting Fantasini is. This game is set in times gone by and there is no denying that there is certain eeriness about the game. This Fantasini slot review will give you all the information on this trickster. Mystical wonder or cheap trickster? Let’s find out!


Although this game may look like it is the work of a truly magnificent magician, which it is, it will not play like the work of a magnificent magician. The rules of the game are simple and players should not feel that this game is complicated in anyway. NetEnt, who are the developers of this game, never allow their games to become too complicated. In this slot, there are a huge 243 paylines across the 5 reels. Spin the reels from just 25p per line bet.


As much as you wish that there was a way to guarantee a win every spin, unfortunately that is not a trick in Fantasini’s magic book. Players must decide on the level of risk they wish to take. As this is a 243 payline slot, the paylines cannot be altered. So, the only decision left to make is how much to bet. Betting higher is likely to generate higher payouts. However, as the paylines are fixed, players can still land a win with a smaller bet too.


As this is a magic show, you can expect some symbols that set the theme appearing on the reels. Players will see Fantasini himself, the star of the show – in more ways than one – appearing alongside essential props and, of course, his lovely assistant. Fantasini will act as the wild symbol for the reels, substituting for all other symbols in the game, which will, obviously enhance your chances of finding a winning combination appearing on the 5 reels.

Bonus Features

The wild symbol is one of the key elements to making this show so popular, but the Master of Mystery has another trick up his sleeves. The Linked Reels feature, which appears in previous NetEnt slots, can occur with every spin in the Fantasini slot. This will see adjacent reels chained to each other and becoming identical, consisting of the exact same symbols in the same location. This can happen on 2, 3, 4 or even 5 reels – meaning there is a guaranteed big win in there somewhere.


If you love magic and you love slot games, then make sure you get your tickets to see Fantasini at Bingo Hollywood as he truly is the Master of Mystery. With so many consistently enabled paylines and the linked reels feature, this game has the potential to conjure up some big wins for players.

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