Bingo Hollywood’s Golden Ticket Bingo

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Do you like to grab massive progressive wins where the cash on offer just keeps on growing? If so, then there has never been a better time to be a member of Bingo Hollywood. They’ve got so many fantastic games on offer, including on 90 ball bingo and in 75 ball bingo, you would not believe how high those jackpots will go. One jackpot game in particular which springs to mind is the Bingo Stars Golden Ticket game, a 90 Ball Progressive Jackpot game which regularly climbs up into the 4 figure mark. Could you be the one to topple it? There’s only one way of finding it out and that’s by playing the game yourself!

For those unaware, a Progressive Jackpot game is a game in which the jackpot increases every time the game is played. So, as more people put money into the pot, the higher the jackpot will go – until eventually someone backs a win and grabs the cash. Sounds easy, right? Well, the jackpot must be won in 36 calls or less in any given game. Only when this is done will the progressive jackpot topple, at which point you will be rolling in megabucks and the jackpot itself will reset straight back to £200. Then the series of games will start all over again as players play more and more, the jackpot rises and the chances of a truly massive win become more and more likely.

So where can you play this fantastic game? Any 90 Ball Bingo room you like! So long as you’re playing on Bingo Hollywood, you can play on this exciting game no matter which room you are in on the site, as long as it’s funded and offers 90 ball bingo. The best thing is, even if there is no winner of a specific game, progress has still been made because the jackpot is still growing ever higher.

The Golden Ticket game is one of just two Progressive Jackpot bingo games available at Bingo Hollywood, so you’ll be having a really unique experience as you play and wait for that jackpot to topple. The other game on offer is a 75 ball bingo game, Lucky Star, which can reach the same sort of giant payout levels. Here, players must win on 44 calls or less when the Bingo Star pattern is playing. Having these two progressive jackpot games on offer demonstrates Bingo Hollywood’s real devotion to giving players a wide range of different bingo experiences to choose from, whether you’re after guaranteed jackpots or ever growing progressive jackpots just like this one. Possibly one of the best things about a progressive jackpot is the suspense – you never know when it’s going to fall, which added to the excitement of your usual bingo game, plus the possibility of winning, playing Progressive Jackpot bingo is an incredibly tense and exciting experience.

Be sure to check out Bingo Hollywood for even more chances to snap up huge cash prizes.

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