Bingo Hollywood New Year’s Eve Party

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Everyone maybe talking about Christmas. Presents this, Santa that, Rudolph maybe, but down at Bingo Hollywood, there have been doing more than just talking, they have been preparing. And not just for Christmas. Whilst Bingo Hollywood’s Christmas preparations are complete, the offers are currently under way and prizes are being won, they have also been cunning and planned a special treat for those people who don’t feel the need to go out and get drunk on New Years Eve. Bingo Hollywood is throwing a New Year’s Eve party of their very own, and they would just love it if you came down and joined them!

On Saturday December 31st 2011, and from 7pm to 9pm in their Super Stars bingo room, Bingo Hollywood is going to throw all of their riches at you with a chance to win big prizes, for doing nothing more than playing the game you love. But you won’t be alone, oh no. You’ll be joined by all of the Bingo Hollywood Chat Hosts, who have a mind to sit down at their computers and play bingo right the way through to 2012 with you!

Every time one of the Bingo Hollywood Chat Hosts win a prize, everybody else currently playing in that game will do too! You won’t have to wait too long to pick up your present either, as all winnings will be deposited to your accounts immediately following the party’s conclusion at 9pm. Who knows, perhaps you’ll really strike it rich and decide to hit the town to celebrate after? It could happen!

But it isn’t all down to the Bingo Hollywood Chat Hosts who gets what in this great party prize pot. That would be just unfair. Instead, you get to play along with them, pinch their pot, and steal their shine, after all…surely you deserve a special New Years treat more than the Bingo Hollywood Chat Hosts?

Each and every time you play bingo during the Bingo Hollywood New Years Eve Party, you’ll be rewarded with a digital glass of champagne, your bingo ball is in your glass, and prizes are located behind all of the glasses. Once again, Bingo Hollywood is offering out a whole range of prizes including Vouchers, Pen Caps, T-Shirts, Dressing Gowns and so much more!

If you don’t have anything planned to welcome in 2012, or even if you do, but fancy a flutter to raise your spending budget for that special evening, then pop onto Bingo Hollywood and join their New Years Eve Party, and get your New Year off to a winning start!

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