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To incentivise their players to continue play on them a lot of bingo sites provide unique and entertaining loyalty bonuses that provide a wealth of benefits and perks to take advantage of.

One of the most exciting bingo loyalty schemes you can sign up to comes from Bingo Hollywood.

The Loyalty Levels

Rather than stick you with just a standard VIP membership like some sites do, this site gives you a series of levels that you can progress up with unique rewards at each tier.

For example the first level you reach is the Cubic Star then from there you’ll progress to the Sapphire Star, Emerald Star and Ruby Star before finally maxing out your membership at the Diamond Star VIP level.

The Benefits You Can Reap

As mentioned above the higher up this bingo loyalty programs levels you progress the more rewards you unlock.

At the basic Cubic Star status you’ll be able to claim a 75% and 100% match bonus, extra loyalty points and entrance to guaranteed jackpot and prize rooms.

Then when you go up to Sapphire Star you can start claiming things like a player appreciation party, bonus cash for levelling up, a unique deposit deal and a birthday bonus.

Move to Emerald and you can access another bingo wagering bonus as well as an exclusive monthly cashback bonus, then at the Ruby level you’ll unlock a personalised e-card and welcome letter. Finally, when you progress to the top Diamond Star VIP level you’ll get a birthday gift pack, a holiday bonus, priority access to VIP games and your very own Bingo Concierge.

How to Increase Your Level

To increase your membership level you need to do is deposit cash into your account, the more money you put in the higher your level becomes, it’s as simple as that.

For example the Cubic Star level is for deposits from £0 to £50, the Sapphire Star goes from £51 to £250, the Emerald Star is £251 to £4,000 and Ruby Star is £4,001 to £9,999. To eventually hit the top reward tier level of Diamond Star VIP you’ll need to bet a total of £10,000 or more.

Although it may take quite a while to get to the top level, it will be worth it in the long run thanks to all those great bonuses that you can get your hands on.

One of the best features of this site is that if you’re not near a PC you can load up the Bingo Hollywood mobile app and start dropping cash into your account using your smart device. Plus you can earn Star Points at the same as an added perk, you can then convert these Star Points into real cash to spend on whatever you like on the site.

With so many great bonuses to take advantage you’ll definitely want to check out this awesome programme because after you’ve made enough deposits you could end up with some pretty amazing rewards!

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