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We’re always fans of a big party and to top off 2016 Bingo Hollywood are hosting the biggest bingo party around. Their legendary Hootenanny has gotten even better this year with bumper hours of awesome bingo games. Trust us, this is how you’ll want to get in the part spirit this year.

RSVP to Attend

If you want to take part in this round of bingo games then you’ll need to make sure you RSVP early. We’d suggest pre buying your bingo tickets for the games, as they’re bound to be super busy. That way, you’re guaranteed to be able to take part and won’t be disappointed.

Game Schedule

The bingo games will start at 5pm on the 31st of December and continue through to 7pm that night. The cards are 10p and the prize pools are £25 per game, but there are loads of extra ways to win on top of that too. The place to be is the NYE Party 75 room, where it’s all going down all night!

We like the schedule of this jackpot bingo room as it means there’s plenty of time to play before you head out on the town for the night! Plus since it’s a hosted room, you’ll have loads of festive cheer and good wishes coming your way from other roomies too.

Plenty of Ways to Win

So, the easiest way to win in these games is to hit the Full House and claim the £25 jackpot prize but it’s not the only way.

To add to your jackpot you’ll also be given a little prize depending on which number you bingo on. The 75 balls have been split up and each group of numbers has another prize associated with it. You might win an extra box of chocolates if you bingo from 1 to 15 or 35 free spins if you bingo from 21 to 45. This is a nice little added element of the room that helps it to go off with a bang!

While you play bingo, you can also play in the chat games in the room too. Through these games, they’ll be giving away 5,000 star points to winners of themed quizzes. Brush up on your knowledge of festive movies and songs to make sure you stand a chance here.

Loads of Games

To go along with the New Year’s festivities there are loads of other games to pop into too. These go from penny and free games up to the more expensive jackpot ones. A good mixture of these will be the perfect way to round off a year of great bingo from the site. Remember that all of the terms and conditions you need to know are detailed on their site.

As we end 2016, we can’t help but think about all we’ll see from Bingo Hollywood in 2017. It’s bound to be yet another year of jackpots, bonuses and all around good fun. We hope you all have a great New Year and good luck winning those jackpots!

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