Aftershock Frenzy Review

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If you’re looking for a slot game that has a fantastic colour scheme and equally fantastic potential jackpots then check out the Aftershock Frenzy slot. This 3 reel game might look retro but it has some incredibly modern features to bring it right up to date.

Perks of Playing at Bingo Hollywood

There are some excellent reasons to check out this slot game at Bingo Hollywood, here are a few of them:

  • You can pick a reload bonus to give you 100% extra on slots or split it 50/50 between slots and bingo games.
  • Remember that every wager that you make contributes to your loyalty points, so you can play more for free.

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How to Play

As this is just a three reel game, it’s incredibly simple to start playing as there aren’t many options. The lines are fixed, so all you really have to do is decide how much you would like to bet per spin.

There’s a slider at the side of the screen to adjust the bet from 5p to £20 per spin. It’s got great scope for players, as the wager is flexible to suit your budget. All you have to do to win is to match up two or more symbols, then you’ll get a jackpot.

The multipliers you can win range from doubling your bet to increasing them by 10,000x!

Special Symbols

In this online slot, there are symbols that you want to cross your fingers for as they are more powerful than average. These include:

  • The Wild Symbol – this easy to spot bonus symbol can take the place of others and pays out with just one occurrence. It’s brilliant for players that really want to increase their jackpot amount, as it always makes the highest win possible.
  • The Aftershock Frenzy – This game’s logo appears in three forms; the Aftershock Frenzy, Double Aftershock Frenzy and Triple Aftershock Frenzy. These three symbols technically don’t match but they still combine together in winning groups. The larger the number on the symbol, the more you will win from the game.

Big Bet System

If that isn’t enough to get your blood pumping then just wait until you hear about the Big Bet system. This bright red button on the console will be sure to intrigue you and you’ll almost certainly be tempted to push it.

When you do, the Big Bet console will pop up and explain the round. Basically, players will be placing a larger bet to replace all of the Aftershock Frenzy and Double Aftershock Frenzy symbols with Triple Aftershock Frenzy ones. This means that the combination of these symbols will become much more valuable.

You’ll decide how much you want to wager over 5 spins, from £10 to £50, and then the frenzy will begin.


Play on this slot game at Bingo Hollywood if you’re a fan of all things bright and exciting. If you’re feeling brave then take on the Big Bet and discover what the Aftershock Frenzy game can really offer.

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